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Got a new customer because of a video on social media. It's time to add this powerful tool to your arsenal and unlock untapped potential by telling your brand story through video. Are you ready for impactful results?

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Northpine is here to help you leverage video for your brand. Our team can assist in producing quality marketing videos to tell your brand story and help connect with your target market.

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Video Editing

Have a video project that's all shot and ready to go? Let our team of expert editors help you turn it into something truly special. We can create the stunning final product you've been dreaming of!

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Cardinal Realty, more than just a broker

Northpine Creative took on the exciting task of helping Cardinal Realty create a powerful video that captures their unique company story, showcases the exceptional value they offer to their agents, and inspires other agents to join their remarkable team. With our expertise in video production, we skillfully crafted a visually compelling narrative that brings Cardinal Realty's vision and mission to life. Through captivating storytelling and visually stunning footage, we effectively conveyed the passion, professionalism, and collaborative spirit that define Cardinal Realty. The end result is an impactful video that not only resonates with viewers but also serves as a persuasive invitation for talented agents to be a part of Cardinal Realty's success story.

Trinity International University TED Graduation

Northpine Creative collaborated with the Trinity team to capture the heartfelt reflections of the 2022 Graduates of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) and effectively showcase the profound impact the school had on their educational journey. Through our expert videography skills and creative storytelling, we beautifully documented the graduates' experiences, capturing their authentic testimonials and the transformative power of their time at TEDS. The resulting video not only highlights the educational excellence provided by Trinity but also serves as an inspiring testament to the personal growth and spiritual development fostered by the institution. Northpine Creative is honored to have been part of capturing these powerful narratives that celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Trinity graduates.

Helping you Navigate the unknown in real estate

Northpine Creative partnered with MN Realtor®, Jennifer Livingston, to produce a captivating video that beautifully showcases her story and the exceptional value she offers as a Realtor®. With our expert videography skills and creative expertise, we brought Jennifer's narrative to life, capturing the essence of her passion and dedication in every frame. Through our collaboration, we skillfully portrayed Jennifer's unique approach, emphasizing her commitment to exceeding client expectations. The result is a professionally crafted video that not only resonates with viewers but also highlights Jennifer's remarkable abilities and genuine connection with her clients. Northpine Creative is proud to have played a part in helping Jennifer share her story with the world.

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